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FlipBelt Arc Drinking Bottles

FlipBelt Arc Drinking Bottles

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The ultimate bottle for Flipbelt's running belts

FlipBelt is known for being nice, discreet and keeps your things comfortably in place while you run or are on the go. Some drinking belts are neither comfortable nor user-friendly, so FlipBelt has designed drinking bottles specifically to transform your FlipBelt into the best drinking belt on the market, with bottles that fit right next to your body.

The bottles are available in Small 175 ml and Large 325 ml and you can fit three of the smallest and two of the largest in the belt.

Small: 175 ml – 140x65x30 mm
Large: 325 ml – 220x65x30 mm

The most comfortable way to carry water bottles on your run

Ensures that the run will be free of friction, chafing and that your hands are dry.
arc water bottle curve

Specially designed for Flipbelt running belts

The bottles are specially designed for Flipbelt's running belts, so that they sit as if molded throughout the run.
self-sealing nozzle

Self-sealing nozzle

The ARC bottles have a drinking spout/mouthpiece that can be closed and ensures that every precious drop remains in the bottle.

arc water bottle curve

ARC Form

The unique ARC shape ensures that the bottle is shaped to the body and sits like a shot.


  • Made of BPA-free (Bisphenol A) material
  • Soft silicone drinking spout. Now it's new and improved
  • Wash in the top shelf of the dishwasher
  • Available in sizes 175 ml and 325 ml
  • Easy to use during running and other activities
  • Slightly curved shape that makes the bottle fit well in the FlipBelt
  • 100% HDPE - recyclable

FlipBelt Arc Drinking Bottles fit:

  • Running and jogging
  • Walking tours
  • Mountain tours
  • Cycling
  • Traveling
  • And much more..!
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